About Halioo

Welcome to Halioo!  It is pronounced as “HA-lee-oh”.  As a parent, I found these were the kind of fundamental sounds that a baby and toddler could say, not just clearly, but would  use these sounds to play and learn to speak.  So I created this name and the Halioo.com in 2002 as “suggested” by my first kid.  To me, the meaning of Halioo is “discover, learn and transcend”.

Many people asked why there was Halioo.com and what was it?  In 2002, the word didn’t even exist. Prior to 2007, there even had no relevant search result could be googled.  But somehow, it started to grow in recent years.  So I started to think I should give it a meaningful definition!

I wasn’t sure what should be created to fulfill the concept of “Halioo” until there received a world’s industry recognized award for my invention at work at the end of 2012.  It inspired and reminded me what was my best and what I could do.  Long journey comes to have a new beginning. I decided to post my journey of discovering and learning of Natural Remedies and Medicine.  If my contribution in the new world of WWW is useful and helpful, it will be the way to transcend!

Stay Tuned!